Kitahara Yutaro
Route Management

Central Route (Bishan-AMK)

21 June, 2021

Overall Difficulty: Easy


The Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is a popular spot for runners and fitness enthusiasts, and it is an excellent choice to have a run at because of its size, easy terrain, and well-lit paths. For runners who like to run with their dogs, there’s a dog park to bring your furry friends to!

Attractions / Perks

  • Includes a water playground on the Western side of the park

  • Includes F&B establishments such as McDonalds inside the park

  • Features a dog park for participants running with pets


  • Usually crowded

  • Not directly accessible from Bishan MRT, participants will need to walk from the MRT



This route is a really fun one to run, and the park is a perfect place to share a nice, active day with friends and family. There are also many amenities and playgrounds for everyone to explore after a run too.