Lin Xiao Xian
Route Management

Northern Route (Admiralty Park)

20 June, 2021

Overall Difficulty: Easy


This route is a classic for the north-siders, the scenic views and tranquility makes the run a revitalising experience and a nice escape from the busyness.

Attractions / Perks

  • Scenic views of Malaysia

  • Mangroves to be spotted in Admiralty Park

  • Ample hydration points and restrooms along the way

  • Route conveniently starts at Woodlands MRT and ends at Woodlands Stadium to freshen up


  • Several roads to cross before reaching Admiralty Park

  • Navigation within Admiralty Park might be slightly confusing, but can be overcome by staying on the rightmost lane

  • Some bridges and paths may be narrow



This run to the Waterfront Park is one that I frequent. Besides the usual view of the Johor Straits, adding Admiralty Park into this run makes it even more interesting as there's more to see, like the mangrove and the canal. Apart from the scenic views, the route itself is simple to learn, one practice run will help with going through the 10km smoothly!