Frequently Asked Questions


Yes you can!
RunNUS allows for anyone even the members of public to participate in this event!

Can I participate in multiple categories?
Yes you can! The number of entitlements received is equivalent to the number of categories you have signed up for! (i.e. Sign up for 3km & 5km, you will receive entitlements for 3km and entitlements for 5km.)

Can I split the distance into multiple runs?
Unfortunately, you cannot. For the 3km, 5km, and 10km race categories, participants will have to complete the distance in a single run.

If we are running in a group of 5, is there a minimum distance for each runner to complete?
No there is no minimum distance for each runner. Your team may decide on how you would like to split the 115km. However, there is a minimum distance of 5km per run submission.

Is there a set running app to use?
There is no set running app to use! However, we recommend reliable running apps like Strava and Under Armour.

Can I use a treadmill? How would I send my race proof in?
Yes, you can link your treadmill to your running app for race proof. Otherwise, you can take a picture of the treadmill statistics.


10km participants will receive the finisher shirt, while 115km participants will receive the exclusive 115km finisher shirt.
However, for 3km and 5km participants, fret not. You have the option to purchase the finisher shirt during registration

The registration fee includes the entitlements for each category (refer to image below).

*For example, 3km and 5km participants may choose to purchase the finisher shirts, while all participants may choose to purchase more singlets and shirts.


Self-collection is only available for NUS Students/Staff, dates TBD.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, members of the public are not allowed on campus. Hence, delivery is mandated for participants from the public. We seek your understanding on this.

Unfortunately, you cannot. This is because the entitlements are individually packed and shipped by our courier. Hence, the shipping fee will be included per entry.

Unfortunately, we do not provide overseas shipping. It is required that the participant to provide a valid local address instead.