Frequently Asked Questions


Yes you can!
RunNUS allows for anyone even the members of public to participate in this event!

No, there is no age limit for participants.

Registration for RunNUS Virtual Run will close on 17 Sep 2022 (Sat), 11.59pm.
Registration for RunNUS Physical Run will close on 28 Aug 2022 (Sun), 11.59pm.

This event is only available for participants present and residing in Singapore during the race period.

Yes you can!
The number of entitlements received is equivalent to the number of categories you have signed up for! (i.e. Sign up for 3km & 5km, you will receive entitlements for 3km and entitlements for 5km.)

Race Information

  • Only 5km and 10km races are competitive.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 men and women in each category.
  • The 3km and Run As One segments are fun runs so no prizes will be awarded.

Run As One (RAO) is our first ever five-person team run to celebrate the resumption of physical sporting events. Each runner will run 5km and each team will accumulate a total distance of 25km. Invite 4 friends or family members to Run For A Cause, together as one. RAO teams are also entitled to exclusive merchandise specially designed for this event!

*UPDATE: Previously a relay run, now all 5 team members will be flagged off at the same time.

Physical Race

  • All 5 runners will be flagged off together as a team. Teams will be flagged off at either 9.10am or 9.15am

Participants who are participating in the 5km and 10km competitive segment will be flagged off in the 1st wave for the respective race categories as stated below:
  • First wave for 5km race - 7am
  • First wave for 10km race - 6.30am
Non-competitive runners will be flagged off in subsequent waves - refer to next FAQ below.

Participants who are not competing are free to participate in any of the subsequent waves after the first wave has been flagged off. The waves for the respective categories are as follows:
  • 10km: 6.30am - 6.45am
  • 5km: 7am - 7.15am
  • 3km: 7.25am - 7.30am
  • Run As One: 9.10am - 9.15am

Virtual Race

Unfortunately, you cannot. For the 3km, 5km, and 10km race categories, participants will have to complete the distance in a single run.

  • Once our virtual race starts, the link to the race proof submission will be updated on RunNUS official website. The deadline for submission is 17 Sep 2022 (Sat), 11.59pm. Participants who fail to submit the race proof by the submission deadline will be disqualified. Do follow our social media channels for updates!
  • For Run as One Virtual Race, the team should appoint one representative to collate and submit all 5 screenshots of their individual runs.

Yes, RunNUS only accepts race proof submissions from Nike Run Club. Screenshots from other race trackers will NOT be accepted.

Yes, you can. Make sure to switch your run settings to “Indoors” if you are running on a treadmill.


Participants can only purchase the finisher shirt / Singlets after the event, while stock lasts.

Only doorstep delivery will be available for virtual participants at $2.80 per person. Run As One will be $14 per team - all five race packs will be delivered to each runner’s address, as indicated in the registration form

If you sign up as a group and have the same address, each runner must still pay for the delivery fee of $2.80. This is because the entitlements are individually packed and shipped by our courier.

You MUST self-collect your Race Packs in NUS.
For the physical collection, participants can collect their Race Packs in NUS in September.
(UPDATE) Official dates will be released soon - tentatively on the 1st/2nd week of September. Follow our our social media channels for the latest racepack collection dates!
You can authorise someone else to collect on your behalf. However, do provide the person with the Receipt Number.

Run Clinic

This program is suitable for new runners who are unsure of what kind of training regime they should adopt for the race. The run clinic will introduce useful and vital warmups and cool down exercises, and also guide and train your endurance as well as stamina to better prepare you for your race.

There are two sessions, as listed below.
  • 19 Jul 2022 (Tue), 6.30pm - 8.30pm
  • 30 Jul 2022 (Sat), 4.30pm - 6.30pm
Both sessions will be held at the NUS Track. More information will be provided to you via your email closer to the date once your attendance is confirmed.

All participants who have registered for the virtual or physical race can participate.

You can indicate your interest for the run clinic when signing up for RunNUS 2022. Otherwise, you can email with your receipt number (eg. WRXXXXXXXX) to indicate your interest.

If you have successfully registered for the run clinic, an email will be sent to you and more details will be provided to you.

Trial Run

Hosted by Singapore Runners Club (SRC), this trial run is to let you familiarise yourself with both the 5km and 10km route for the physical race day.

Various pace groups with an SRC team captain will be made available for participants based on their target timings. There will be 3 pace groups:
  • 6min/km
  • 7min/km
  • 8min/km

For 5km, it will be on 20 Aug 2022 (Sat) starting at 7.30am.
For 10km, it will be on 27 Aug 2022 (Sat) starting at 7am.

Once registration is open, the registration form for the trial run will be up on RunNUS official website. Do follow our social media channels for updates!